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You Have to Have the Right Attitude

Online dating is work, okay? Let’s just get that out of the way. It’s not you showing up and all these chicks are making themselves available to you. Who the fuck do you think you are? It’s not like you’re Leonardo Dicaprio and word came out and all these women line up for you. It doesn’t work that way.

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Why Cant I Find Adult Dates?


Low Self Esteem

Well, I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you, but nobody can love you more than yourself. You have to remember that chicks are drawn to guys with self confidence and, unfortunately, if you think you’re shit, you’re going to act like shit. Seriously. You would feel like shit, and then you would act like shit. Even adultdatefind wont be able to help you in this case.

Your performance would suffer because you feel that you’re not worth fucking. You’re not worth paying attention to, so why would this hot woman mess around with you? This is the kind of bullshit that low self esteem will play on you. So do yourself a big favor and before you even think of messing around with online xxx dating, work on your low self esteem first.

Thankfully, this is fairly straightforward to fix. I’m not saying that it’s easy, but it’s fairly straightforward. If you’re reading this, chances are, you probably have a job. At least you have a means to pay for the laptop or desktop or mobile device that you’re using to read this article. At least you’ve got that going on.

So working from that point, in reality, allow yourself to feel good about the stuff that you have. Maybe you finished high school, maybe you have a college diploma, maybe you have a job, maybe you’re making decent money. Do you see how this works?

There’s always something to celebrate in any kind of life, so start there. Focus on the things that you have, instead of the things you wish you had. By focusing on the things that currently exists in your life, you position yourself to a much higher level of self esteem.