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There are trends in porn that I don’t always know how I feel about. Porn is a fantasy and we shouldn’t allow ourselves to think otherwise. The way sex is in adult videos versus the way it is in a committed relationship is very different even if the basic workings are the same. I know and accept that. I also know that pornstars are performers and the scenarios aren’t real. There are still things that make me a little uncomfortable though. Family porn is one of them. In fact, it is really high up on my list.

Family Strokes is all about stepcest taboo. It’s a really popular porn niche right now and that site is fully dedicated to it. I have an ex wife and a daughter though. The ex remarried. If I found out her husband was touching my daughter, I’d end up in jail. If I found out one of his sons was sneaking into the bathroom while my daughter was in the shower, again I would end up in jail. I know girls who were molested by their mother’s boyfriends. It is not okay.

I hate that stepcest is so popular, but even more than that, I hate that I watch it and stroke to it. It’s so fucking hot and horrible. In no way would these scenarios be okay in real life. Remember to leave them in porn.

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