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I’m the last of my group of friends who isn’t married yet and in fact my friend that got married recently was already doing so quite some time after the others meaning that I am quite the bachelor I guess but also that most of my friends have been married for a while already.

It’s at events like weddings when you really get to catch up with mates that you don’t see anywhere near as often as you used to and after a dozen or so beers the conversation gets interesting.

All bar none of the mates who have been married for quite a few years already commented how they sometimes missed the days when they were more free to explore and by the end of the night it they weren’t all that secerative anymore when conceding that seeing the same tits and ass for the last decade has gotten pretty stale.

It’s then that I realised that these free porn cameras are brilliant for that too. I mean you’re still just watching porn, it’s not like you’re cheating but at least you’re checking out some fresh meat.

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