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I’ve not yet checked out this scene but I’m definitely going to because I can not figure out what the hell is going on here from the stills alone.

From what I understand the general theme of the site to be, as the name eludes to, is teen girls behaving badly and getting punished for it. You know, that line of kink.

In this scene though, as you can see, the guy seems taken by surprise as the girl suddenly has his cock out and sucking on it. She’s also wearing an orange overall like she’s a prison inmate rather than just a school girl.

I wondered then if it was somehow this guy’s job to have a talk with her, like a behaviour therapist, but why would he be dressed so casually and then the next thing it looks like it’s his wife that walks in on them and that they are actually at home.

I’m just going to have to watch it I think. We can get an up to 77% off Detention Girls discount, so I may as well use the opportunity.

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